State of the Union Live Stream: Watch President Biden Address the Nation

Officer John Nolan, Special Agents Simone Clark and Will Trent, and all three branches of Dick Wolf’s FBI have the evening off so President Joe Biden can deliver his second State of the Union address.

According to the White House, Biden will “speak directly to the American people about the historic progress we’ve made, the work that lies ahead, and his optimism for the future.” This will be his first address to a divided Congress, in front of a Republican-controlled majority in the House (and newly elected speaker Kevin McCarthy). He will take to the podium at approximately 9 pm ET.

Talking points are expected to include the war in Ukraine, gun violence, police reform, the economy and U.S. relations with China. Tuesday’s speech comes just three days after Biden ordered the Pentagon to shoot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon near the Carolina coast.

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