Veronica Mars' Best Characters, Ranked

Veronica Mars Characters Ranked

Like Veronica Mars, we have a lot of feelings — both good and bad — about her tortured love interests, morally-compromised allies and dastardly enemies. So 16 years after we first became acquainted with the titular PI and her world, we’re highlighting the series’ Top 25 characters and ranking them from Just OK to The Crème de la Crème.

Over the course of the show’s history, we were introduced to many, many Neptune residents, so we weren’t able to include every single person who crossed paths with the tiny blonde. (Sorry, Lynn Echolls, Felix Toombs and Armie Hammer, you didn’t make the cut, but we will remember you fondly.) Instead, our list focuses on series regulars, major players in the show’s canon and those who had significant arcs during the four-seasons-and-a-movie run. Other selections, like Season 4 newbie Nicole, were only around for a short time but left a lasting impression.

So which of Veronica’s boyfriends landed in the Top 10 and which one fell slightly short? Which adversaries were so devilishly good we hated to love them? And who nabbed the No. 1 prize as the show’s very best character? You might be surprised by our pick.

Review our rankings below, then hit the comments with your thoughts! 

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