The Vampire Diaries Universe's 25 Best Characters of All Time, Ranked

Thirteen years, 17 seasons, 331 episodes. That’s how long we’ve spent in the Vampire Diaries Universe™, and we’ve met quite a few characters along the way.

Which is why tonight’s series finale of Legacies (The CW, 9/8c) is all the more unfathomable. This isn’t just about a four-season show set a supernatural boarding school — it’s about the complicated history that got us there, and all the familiar faces we’ll miss.

To that end, we decided to rank the franchise’s 25 best characters, be they vampire, werewolf, witch, hybrid, tribrid, or even (gasp!) human. A similar list was published several years ago, but after much consideration — not to mention a full re-watch of all three series — we decided that a few changes were in order. And it’s our list, so we can do that.

Read on to see our ranking of the franchise’s 25 best characters, then drop a comment with your own list (at least the top 10) below. And remember, this is just our opinion. It means nothing. Let’s all have a nice time celebrating these good-looking weirdos, some of whom we’ve been obsessing over for more than a decade.

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