Vampire Diaries Flashback: 9 Future CW Stars Who Passed Through Mystic Falls

Vampire Diaries Cast

Sure, you know Stephen Amell as the green-hooded savior of Star City, but what about the brief time he spent as a werewolf in the forests of Virginia?

In lieu of fresh programming, much of which won’t return until the new year, many TV fans are filling their fall schedule with rewatches, bingeing their favorite comfort shows to help them escape from all things 2020. But when we decided to dive back into The Vampire Diaries — a surprisingly comforting show, considering its high mortality rate — we weren’t expecting to see so many future CW stars getting sucked into the Salvatores’ vampire drama.

Our list includes a warrior queen from The 100; a man who broke Supergirl‘s heart (several times); the Legends of Tomorrow‘s resident witch; an iZombie troublemaker; a psychic bartender from Roswell, New Mexico; the Dynasty reboot’s original Cristal Carrington; a Flash-y detective; an ill-fated Charmed lover; and, of course, a hooded vigilante with an affinity for Arrow(s).

(Disclaimer: A few of these actors did appear on other CW shows before guest-starring on The Vampire Diaries. But we’d argue that their post-TVD roles on the network were more significant than what came before, so we’re giving ourselves a pass.)

Keep scrolling to see how these nine future CW stars fit into the Vampire Diaries universe, then drop a comment with your favorite familiar faces below. Any we should add to our list?