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Vampire Academy EPs Explain What That Haunting Finale Ending Means for Potential Season 2 — Grade It!

Vampire Academy Finale Ending Explained

Vampire Academy wrapped its first season on Thursday with a string of short-lived reunions, heartbreaking goodbyes and at least one fate hanging in the balance as fans eagerly await a second-season renewal from Peacock.

TVLine spoke with executive producers Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre about the episode’s many twist and turns — including the most drastic change they made while adapting the show from Richelle Mead’s book series — but first, here’s a quick rundown of the biggest events:

The finale briefly reunited Lissa with Andre, who was barely able to warn her about Tatiana before becoming a victim of the Strigoi; Christian became a monk in order to restore the wards; Sonya attacked Victor after he attempted to apologize for everything he’s done; and Rose helped Lissa escape after being accused of orchestrating Queen Marina’s assassination.

Then came the episode’s final, chilling shot: Andre awakening with bloodshot eyes, confirming that Lissa’s brother has turned Strigoi.

Grade Vampire Academy’s finale and first season below, then read on for the EPs’ insight on what a potential second season would bring. When you’re done, drop a comment with your review of Peacock’s adaptation.