Unstable: Burning Questions We Need Answered in Potential Season 2

Unstable Netflix Season 2 Spoilers

For a relatively lighthearted father-son comedy, Netflix’s Unstable ends its first season on a surprisingly chilling cliffhanger that has us wondering: Season 2 when?

Ellis (Rob Lowe) and Jackson’s (John Owen Lowe) relationship is all sunshine and rainbows atop Episode 8, but a dark cloud is gathering over Dragon, where the duplicitous Jean (Christina Chang) has called an emergency board meeting to oust Ellis as CEO. The catch? Her master plan hinges on Leslie (Fred Armisen) testifying that Ellis kidnapped him, a claim he immediately retracts when Jackson offers to let him move back in.

The possibility of Ellis’ ousting and Jackson’s return to New York stirs up major feelings in Luna (Rachel Marsh), who realizes how much she would miss Jackson if he left. After confirming that Ruby (Emma Ferreira) isn’t into him, Luna lets Jackson know how she feels — and if their kiss is any indication, we’re thinking he feels the same way.

Now for that chilling cliffhanger: Spliced into Jackson’s speech about his father’s integrity and levelheadedness are shots of Ellis seemingly lighting Jean’s car on fire and walking away in slow motion like Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale.

It’s one of those swing-for-the-fences endings that gives “burning questions” a whole new meaning as we look ahead to Unstable‘s not-yet-ordered second season. And at the risk of being too dramatic, we won’t be stable until we know that answers are coming.

Grade the finale and overall season below, then read on to find out which questions we need answered when the show is (hopefully) renewed. When you’re finished, drop a comment with your own review and unresolved queries about Unstable.

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