Sistas First Look: Fatima 'Puts Zac in His Place' as Their Fighting Escalates

Tyler Perry's Sistas Season 5 Episode 19

#Zatima has certainly seen better days. Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s Sistas ended with Fatima threatening to move out, and things between her and Zac are only going to get messier from here.

TVLine has an exclusive batch of first-look photos from tonight’s episode (BET, 9/8c), which finds Zac and Fatima reunited… for another argument. Will it be about the infamous Karen photo? Or perhaps they’re feuding about another woman Zac got pregnant? All we know for sure is that when these two beauties fight, things are bound to get ugly.

But don’t just take our word for it. According to BET’s official logline for tonight’s episode (appropriately titled “Truth Hurts”), Fatima “puts Zac in his place as they continue to argue over harsh words.”

Elsewhere in the hour, “Sabrina makes a surprising discovery while at Danni’s apartment.” Gee, we wonder if it could have anything to do with Que.

Read on for more first looks from tonight’s episode, including more of #Zatima’s latest blowout, plus a curious moment between Sabrina and Bayo. When you’re done, drop a comment with your thoughts on all this drama. How do you hope it resolves itself?

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