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The Most Unjust Cancellations of 2022

Unjust Cancellations

Over the last year, more than 100 shows concluded their runs, and while it hurt to say goodbye to many of them, there is a select group that truly deserved to make it into 2023 with a renewal. Or in the case of one pick, to just see the light of day.

Below, TVLine has selected nine shows (and one streaming movie) that were unceremoniously axed as part of our list of the most unjust cancellations of 2022. Note: This roundup doesn’t include series that announced they were ending on their own terms, nor does it include every single comedy and drama that was cancelled in the past 12 months.

Instead, we’re highlighting shows that were unfair casualties of business and financial maneuvers like the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery, and the sale of The CW to Nexstar. But don’t expect all of the victims of those cancellation bloodbaths to make an appearance. For us, there were two particular CW shows that definitely deserved better, while the shelving of the nearly complete Batgirl movie truly had us scratching our heads.

Then there are creatively promising series like Hulu’s Maggie and Prime Video’s Paper Girls and As We See It, all of which met their demise after just one season — before they were truly given a chance to find an audience and fulfill their potential.

And hey, Peacock, do you maybe want to reconsider letting go of one of your only buzzy shows in Saved by the Bell?

Scroll on to review TVLine’s list of shows that unfairly ended far too soon, then hit the comments with your picks for the most unjust cancellations of 2022.