Ripe for Reboot? 15 Shows We Predict (and Maybe Fear) Will Get Remade

TV Reboots

When it comes to TV reboots, there’s an inconvenient truth we must all accept: none of our favorite shows are safe.

In this climate, executives don’t care how precious a show is to you. In fact, the more you love and cherish an existing IP, the more likely someone is to rip it from the sweet hereafter, extract its DNA and create something that vaguely resembles the program you once held dear.

CBS has found success reanimating procedurals of yesteryear, from Hawaii Five-0 to Magnum, P.I.; The CW is living its best ’90s life all over again with new versions of Charmed, Roswell and Legends of the Hidden Temple; and HBO Max isn’t hesitating to redo shows less than a decade in our collective rearview, with new versions of Pretty Little Liars and (gasp!) True Blood on the horizon.

And the reboot train shows no signs of stopping. In 2021, Fox booked a return flight to Fantasy Island, Queen Latifah became CBS’ new Equalizer, Kung Fu kicked back on The CW, ABC relived its Wonder Years and Gossip Girl reemerged on HBO Max.

So the question we’re always wondering is: which show is next? Read on for a list of 15 shows we can absolutely see getting the reboot treatment, drop a comment with your own additions — whether you’d want them to happen or not.

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