TV Takes on Pandemic: How Well 14 Shows Incorporated COVID, Ranked

TV COVID Episodes

Art has been imitating life an awful lot this fall: No fewer than 14 scripted shows opted to write in the coronavirus pandemic to their new seasons… even as the seasons in question were delayed by the pandemic itself.

The most obvious COVID storylines have popped up on medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor, but the pandemic has crossed over to other genres, too. The Conners and Superstore are among the comedies to incorporate the coronavirus and its impact, while many a procedural crime drama — including NCIS: New Orleans and S.W.A.T. — has featured masked, socially distant characters, too.

In the list below, we’ve ranked TV’s efforts to represent the real-life health crisis, based on how interestingly, seamlessly and/or sensitively the coronavirus was written into each show. While some series portrayed the pandemic realistically, others took a more tone-deaf approach — quite literally, when it came to Bull‘s musical episode.

Note: We did not include shows like NBC’s Connecting or Netflix’s Social Distance, as those revolve around the coronavirus for their entire seasons.

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