Year in Review

Year in Review: The 15 Biggest Cast Departures, Ranked

Shocking TV Cast Exits 2020

This past year was full of TV twists, and some of the most shocking ones came courtesy of breaking news alerts about stars such as Anna Faris and America Ferrera leaving their hit shows.

From Justin Chambers’ abrupt Grey’s Anatomy exit to a pair of parquet-O’d Dancing With the Stars hosts, TVLine has gathered 15 of the biggest cast departures that were announced (or revealed on-screen, in the case of one Good Doctor) during the past 12 months.

Some of our picks’ final episodes have yet to air, while others’ sudden absences will be addressed in the coming year, but they all made headlines in 2020 when they bid adieu to their TV gigs. (Before you ask: Danai Gurira’s Walking Dead farewell aired this year, but her departure from the drama was confirmed back in the summer of 2019, making her ineligible for this list.)

Elsewhere, the #OneChicago franchise said goodbye to some of its frontline heroes, while a daytime soap icon put her many Days behind her. But even in a year of many unexpected departure announcements, there was only one choice for the No. 1 spot.

Review our list of 2020’s biggest cast exits below, ranked from least to most shocking, then hit the comments to tell us which ones caught you most by surprise.