The Ultimatum Finale Recap: Congrats, I Guess — Plus, Who Stayed Together?

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On

The eight-week experiment at the center of Netflix’s The Ultimatum delivered pure, unmitigated mess.

Six twentysomethings issued an ultimatum to their partners — averaging one to two years of dating — to either commit to marriage or break up. After dating around for a week, each participant then chose a new partner to continue seeing and live with for three weeks, and then switched back to their original partner for an additional three weeks.

That all culminated with Wednesday’s finale, in which each person decided whether they wanted to marry or move on. But not every couple made it to the last episode. As you’ll recall, Alexis and Hunter got engaged before they could make the switch, as did Nate and Lauren. (Read our full recap here.)

Meanwhile, Zay and Rae continually fought over several issues, including a lack of clear communication, Rae’s obvious connection with Jake, and Zay staying out all night without telling her where he was. They ended their relationship in Episode 8 following a huge blow-up over Zay’s disappearing act.

Read on for our recap of the season finale, as well as an update on where each couple stands after the reunion. And don’t forget to grade the season in our poll!

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