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The Resident EP Teases 'Complicated' Reveal of Conrad's New Romance — Plus, Kit and Bell Wedding Scoop!

The Resident Season 6 Spoilers

After a downright cruel cliffhanger in its Season 5 finale, The Resident‘s Season 6 debut will reveal who Conrad has pursued romantically — just not right away.

“I wanted the fans to spend the premiere uncertain which one he had chosen, because [Cade and Billie] both appear in it, and the attitude is equally warm toward both of them,” series co-creator Amy Holden Jones tells TVLine ahead of the show’s Sept. 20 return (Fox, 8/7c). “But the second episode is when you really see much more of how that relationship is working. You simply find out which one it is in the premiere.”

With The Resident‘s fanbase firmly divided between Conrad/Cade and Conrad/Billie ‘shippers, Jones understands the possibility that “no one’s going to be completely satisfied initially” with Conrad’s decision. But “by the second episode, I think, they will come to understand his choice and support it,” she theorizes. “Where it leads is part of the story of the season, and a big part of his story, and Billie’s and Cade’s.”

In fact, even though Jones remains mum on the details of Conrad’s love life, she does hint that perhaps the woman Conrad is with in the season premiere might not be the woman he’s with by season’s end.

“I think people tend to forget that in the early seasons of the show, Conrad and Nic weren’t together. They had a past relationship which Nic felt no longer worked, and Conrad was pursuing her. So coming to a solution of, ‘This is the answer for the rest of Conrad’s life’ isn’t necessarily something that’s going to happen in a single episode,” she divulges. “That doesn’t mean he won’t have made a choice. But deciding whether or not he made the right choice, and if it’s going to work, is more complicated than that.”

Jones also spoke with us about Kit and Bell’s upcoming nuptials, as well as what’s in store for the rest of Chastain’s staff this season. Keep scrolling for her intel, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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