The Mole Week 2 Recap: A Prime Suspect Is Eliminated, as Joi Publicly Outs [Spoiler] as the Saboteur

The Mole Alex Wagner

Are we any closer to solving the mystery of The Mole‘s identity? Well, yes and no.

In the Netflix reboot’s latest episodes (6-8 are now available to stream), the Mole claimed three more victims as the group trekked through Australia’s Blue Mountains and later, was chained together and abandoned in a creepy old warehouse.

But when we last left the players, Joi was faced with an incredibly difficult decision: Grab an exemption to save herself, thus letting $15,000 go up in flames, or cut the wire on the bomb and add that moolah to the prize pot.

So what did she decide, who exited the game and who snagged exemptions? Let’s take an in-depth look at the three latest episodes.

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