The Mole Finale Recap: Who Won the Prize Pot and More Importantly — Who Is the Mole? (Plus, Grade It!)

The Mole Finale Recap

The identity of The Mole has officially been revealed!

The final two episodes of Netflix’s reality reboot dropped Friday, giving us our very first Mole 2.0 winner and, of course, outing the season’s sneaky saboteur.

When we last left the team, Jacob or Joi was about to become the Mole’s next victim, after Will, Avori and Kesi had already survived execution. But with three missions and two eliminations remaining, the Mole’s lies and deception were far from over.

So who made it to the end, who was the Mole and who took home all of that cold, hard cash? Read on for a full recap of the season’s last two episodes.

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