The Many Saints of Newark: A Refresher on What You Need to Know Before Watching the Sopranos Prequel Movie

The Many Saints of Newark Sopranos Movie Tony Dickie

So you woke up this morning and realized the new Sopranos prequel movie The Many Saints of Newark comes out this week? And it’s been so long since you’ve watched the HBO mob drama, you’re worried you won’t remember anything? Fuhgeddaboutit: We’ve got you covered. (After all, we’re family.)

Yes, it’s been 14 long years since The Sopranos signed off with that famously abrupt cut to black, and now the saga continues with The Many Saints of Newark — debuting this Friday on HBO Max and in theaters — which takes us back to 1960s Newark to find a young Tony Soprano and his family in the midst of a bloody gang war. (Sopranos creator David Chase co-wrote the film, with frequent Sopranos director Alan Taylor behind the camera.) You remember Tony, of course… but how about his father Johnny Boy? Or Dickie Moltisanti? And could some other Sopranos favorites pop up for an encore as well?

We know it’s been a while, so we’re giving you a quick refresher course on who’s who so you’ll be ready to fully enjoy The Many Saints of Newark — and catch all of the Sopranos Easter eggs. So slip on your best bathrobe, grab some gabagool and read on as we reintroduce you to the characters you need to know before diving back into Sopranos-land. Salute.

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