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Good Doctor EP Previews Shaun and Lea's 'Wet Cement Year,' #Parnick Divide and Introduction of New Interns

The Good Doctor Season 6 Spoilers, Preview

A year of monumental change awaits Dr. Shaun Murphy.

When The Good Doctor resumes Season 6 on Monday (ABC, 10/9c), Shaun’s not only navigating his first year as an attending physician, but his first year as a married man.

“Shaun and Lea are a terrific couple. They really love each other, and they’re committed to making it work,” co-showrunner Liz Friedman tells TVLine. “But as those of us who are in marriages know, it is appropriately named work. Marriage is not bliss; it is a commitment to adjusting to dealing with another person.

“What we love about Shaun and Lea is that they’re very particular [people], and they have very particular issues,” Friedman says. “Hopefully our audience will look at [what they’re dealing with at home] and go, ‘Oh yeah, my wife does that, too.'”

One early storyline, inspired by Friedman’s home life, involves Shaun and Lea’s solution to a daily chore. Asked if she can elaborate, Friedman teases: “My wife and I have a new approach to washing the dishes….”

Keep scrolling for additional teasers about newlyweds Shaun and Lea, the consciously uncoupled Morgan and Park, and the introduction of St. Bonaventure’s newest interns. 

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