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The Cleaning Lady Bosses Explain Season 2 Finale's Major Casualties: 'We Put This Off as Long as We Could'

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Finale Recap

The following post contains spoilers for The Cleaning Lady‘s Season 2 finale. Proceed with caution!

The Cleaning Lady closed out Season 2 with a bang. Several of them, in fact. Literal ones!

Monday’s two-hour season ender delivered the not-entirely-surprising demise of Robert Kamdar, as well as the entirely surprising death of Agent Garrett Miller, the latter of whom took a bullet to the abdomen during a shootout between the FBI and Kamdar’s men. (Kamdar, meanwhile, was fatally shot by Nadia.)

Elsewhere in the finale, Thony and Fiona’s dangerous-and-definitely-illegal methods of getting Luca his crucial liver medication resulted in Fiona’s deportation — and because Kamdar had already been killed by the time the FBI arrived to nab him, Agent Russo was unable to help Thony get Fiona back in the States. The finale’s closing moments found Thony asking for Arman’s help in retrieving Fiona, and they planned to use their drug trafficking connections to get Thony’s sister-in-law back.

Below, co-showrunners Melissa Carter and Miranda Kwok break down those two big fatalities and tease what’s to come if the Fox drama earns a Season 3 pickup. Keep scrolling for their insights, then grade the sophomore finale via our poll!

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