The Bachelorette Recap: A Chaotic Rose Ceremony Leaves One Star in Limbo

The Bachelorette Rachel

We’re into our third and fourth hours of The Bachelorette this week — we can do this, guys! — and while one Bachelorette may have found her man, the other has only found a big old mess.

As Tuesday’s episode opens, Erich is still reeling from that unfortunate conversation with Gabby (check out our recap of Monday’s episode for the full details), and he’s worried he messed everything up. Gabby does come back, and they hug as he apologizes profusely, but it’s still a bit weird between them. She recaps for us that she said goodbye to Johnny, and she was feeling great about Erich until he “f—ked it up.” She vents to Jesse, telling him how pressured she felt by Erich. Now she feels like she and Erich are “very different people… I’m mad at him.” She does still have an overnight date with Jason coming up… but Jason is also telling us that he realized on their hometown date that he’s “not at a place where I’m ready to get engaged… it just doesn’t feel right.” Uh-oh.

So did Gabby and Jason find a way to work things out? And what about Rachel, who still has three men left in the mix and a fantasy date with Zach on tap? Read on to get the scoop on all the drama in Tuesday’s Bachelorette, and be sure to hit the comments to give us your take.

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