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Amazing Race Season 32 Cast Includes NFL Vets, Olympians — Watch Promo

After nearly two years spent waiting at the starting line, the 32nd running of The Amazing Race will hit your screens in mid-October — and here is your first look at the 11 teams, plus a promo that might tug at your pandemic-era heartstrings a bit.

Filmed back in November of the year 2018 (Rubik’s Cubes and Easy-Bake Ovens were all the rage!), The Amazing Race 32 will premiere on CBS on Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 9/8c (after originally/briefly being slotted for this past May). With this edition, which visits destinations such as Trinidad, Tobago, France, Germany and Brazil, the Emmy-winning reality-TV competition will cross a major “miles”-stone, having traversed one million of ’em around the world.

As seen in the photo album below, this cycle’s Racers include former NFL Stars DeAngelo Williams (of the Panthers and Steelers) and Gary Barnidge (Panthers, Browns), Olympians Kellie Wells-Brinkley and LaVonne Idlette, and hirsute pro volleyball players Riley and Maddison McKibbin.

The promo above, meanwhile, reminds us that TAR 32 was filmed wellllll ahead of the coronavirus pandemic (disco was king!), and as such will offer up a reminder of what is good in the world.

“Elise and I created The Amazing Race 20 years ago as a way to bring the expansive beauty of the world into audiences’ living rooms in an exciting way,” series co-creator Bertram van Munster said in a statement. “This year has been a challenge for everyone, and we hope this season, during which Race will reach the remarkable milestone of one million miles traveled around the world, helps satisfy viewers’ wanderlust. We look forward to when we can all travel again!”

Review the Racers below and tell us who you’ll be rooting for!

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