Teen Wolf: The Movie Teaser Revives Allison, Introduces Derek's Son and Reunites Scott's Pack — Watch

Paramount+ gave Teen Wolf fans something to howl about on Thursday, revealing the reunion movie’s first teaser during its panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

But is “teaser” even a fair word to describe this minute-long feast of a video? No, sir!

From Allison Argent’s long-awaited (but still extremely suspicious) revival to the first shot of Derek Hale alongside his teenage son Eli, there’s so much goodness for longtime Teen Wolf fans to soak up here.


We also get a voiceover from the movie’s presumed Big Bad. “You want retribution against him, his friends, everyone he loves?” the villain asks. “Set me free, and we will play a new game — a game of chaos, strife and pain!”

Per the movie’s official description, “a full moon rises in Beacon Hills and with it a terrifying evil has emerged. The wolves are howling once again, calling for the return of banshees, werecoyotes, hellhounds, kitsunes and every other shapeshifter in the night. But only a werewolf like Scott McCall, no longer a teenager yet still an Alpha, can gather both new allies and reunite trusted friends to fight back against what could be the most powerful and deadliest enemy they’ve ever faced.”

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch the first teaser trailer for Teen Wolf: The Movie, then read on for a breakdown of the video’s most jaw-dropping (and in some cases, game-changing) moments. When you’re done, drop a comment with your thoughts about the movie thus far.