Ted Lasso Has 4 Episodes Left — Where Are All These Storylines Going?

Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 8

Following Richmond’s match against Arsenal in the April 26 episode of Ted Lasso, Trent Crimm posed an interesting theory: Over three seasons, Coach Lasso “slowly but surely built a club-wide culture of trust and support through thousands of imperceptible moments, all leading to their inevitable conclusion.” He hadn’t just switched tactics ahead of a pivotal match; he’d unwittingly applied Total Football all along.

That scene also seemed to be winking at the audience, as if to suggest that Total Football applied to the plotting of the show.

We bring this up now because we’re genuinely baffled about where things stand, two-thirds of the way into Season 3. While Apple hasn’t confirmed that this is the final season of Ted Lasso, we’re all operating under the assumption that this is the final season of Ted Lasso. And with just three episodes remaining before the May 31 finale, we can’t help but wonder where everything’s headed — especially as episodes, now running almost a full hour (if not longer), continue to introduce new storylines without resolving others.

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