Superstore: Best Customer Interstitials

Superstore Funniest Moments

Whoever said the customer’s always right has never shopped at Cloud 9.

Oftentimes, the funniest moments on Superstore take place between the scenes. With that in mind, TVLine is revisiting some of the wackiest, most outrageous customer interstitials from the past six seasons of the NBC comedy, ahead of its March 25 series finale (NBC, 8/7c; view photos).

Among our picks — and there were several hundred to choose from! — are an unlikely meet-cute, an unorthodox laundry night and at least one shopping cart melee. You’ll also find misplaced groceries, misplaced children (!), and several tricks and treats of the Halloween variety, including a Stanley Kubrick homage.

This introduction also comes with a warning: If you’ve ever worked retail, some of the following images may trigger your PTSD. Take, for instance, when Brett is put in charge of dressing room put-backs. Or when one COVID-conscious woman goes shopping for a new mask. There’s also an unfortunate diaper-changing incident, and several “free samples” we can’t unsee.

Scroll down to see our picks for the very best Superstore customer interstitials, then hit the comments to list off some of your faves.