'Supernatural' Finale Week

Supernatural's Best Music Moments

Supernatural Music Moments

There are three things Supernatural‘s Dean Winchester loves more than anything: His family (both blood and chosen), his Baby and classic rock music. The hunter’s affection for old time rock and roll dates all the way back to the pilot, when Sam mocked his brother’s cassette collection, prompting Dean to respond, “Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.”

Ever since that first episode, classic rock has been embedded in the show’s DNA, with tunes from bands and singers such as AC/DC, STYX, Def Leppard, Bob Seger and many more music icons featured on the series. And while the earlier seasons were definitely heavier on the use of classic rock, the later years also produced many memorable marriages of song and scene.

In honor of Supernatural Finale Week, TVLine has gathered 20 of the show’s best music moments, complete with video so you can fully relive the scenes, fall down a YouTube rabbit hole and get the lyrics stuck in your head, too. (Sorry, not sorry.) Our picks include classics like “Back in Black,” “Heat of the Moment” and “Renegade,” as well as an unexpected pop tune and an entire episode’s worth of songs.

Review our list below, then hit the comments with your top music moments!

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