Stranger Things Photos: See How Much the Kids Have Grown Up Since Season 1

Stranger Things Cast Kids Grown Up Now Photos

Stranger Things may whisk us back to the 1980s, but in reality, time keeps marching forward.

Netflix’s sci-fi drama debuted in the summer of 2016 — back when Obama was still president! — and introduced us to a close-knit group of middle school pals who stumble upon a world of supernatural frights, including a mysterious girl with telekinetic powers. It became an instant hit and spawned three more seasons, with the long-awaited Season 4 finally debuting this Friday on the streamer. (Read our review here.) But while Mike and his school pals are still ’80s kids, the young actors playing them have grown into full-fledged adults.

It’s a little stunning to see how much the actors have grown up since we first saw them… although it makes sense, given that Season 3 aired way back in 2019, with the pandemic forcing a lengthy delay in production. So to commemorate the return of Stranger Things — and to show you just how far its stars have come — we’re taking a look back at how the show’s young cast members looked when the show premiered and comparing it to how they look now. (It’s quite a change!) Plus, we’re taking stock of how each actor’s career has blossomed since the Netflix hit put them on the map.

Read on to see how much the Stranger Things kids have grown and what they’re up to these days in Hollywood, and then hit the comments to share your hopes and predictions for Season 4.

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