9 Best Stephen King Series, Ranked!

Stephen King Adaptations

While every Stephen King adaptation is not created equal, the iconic author’s ideas have served as nightmare fuel for generations of brave viewers (both children and adults alike), and for that we salute him! And with every new series that drops comes a chance to revisit the classics, which is exactly what we’re doing here.

To celebrate the release of Apple TV+’s upcoming Lisey’s Story (which premieres Friday, June 4 with two episodes), TVLine is taking stock of our favorite King series from the ’70s to today. Our list has loads of supernatural baddies from the Nosferatu-inspired vampire Kurt Barlow and one infamous axe-wielding maniac, to Pennywise the Clown and beyond. The following nine series kept us up all night and got under our skin, and therefore are worthy of your time if scares are what you’re seeking.

We hop all over King’s multiverse from Derry to Jerusalem’s Lot (well, mostly all over the state of Maine), as we highlight our absolute favorites, and honor King’s twisted tales that best transferred from the page to the screen. (Apologies in advance Under the Dome fans, but that third and final season was rough.)

So which shows made the cut? Review our ranking of the best TV adaptations from King’s oeuvre, then be sure to drop some comments and tell us your faves!