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Star Trek: Picard: Our Favorite Easter Eggs From The Final Season

Star Trek Picard Easter Eggs Final Season 3
Courtesy of Paramount+

A constant topic of conversation in the Star Trek: Picard writers’ room involved the question of what constituted simple fan service and what was fresh storytelling in an established universe. What if they wanted to plop a big red statue of Rachel Garrett somewhere? (Which they did, in front of the Starfleet Recruitment Center, in Season 3’s premiere.) Garrett, you might recall, was the captain of the Enterprise-C who gave her life to save a Klingon base in Next Generation’s “Yesterday’s Enterprise” — and discovering who this “Red Lady” is became an internal Easter egg for one character on the show to hunt, before it was too late.

“There would totally be a statue of Rachel Garrett somewhere,” says showrunner Terry Matalas. “But does that mean this is a ‘Member Berry from South Park? We never really wanted to do that.” When there are references to past Star Treks — either subtle or full-on nostalgic — the writers wanted to make sure the environment and the situation of the story demanded it. “That was our North star,” Matalas says. “As long as it’s not soliciting an eye-roll, then we felt like we could use it. We are living in this universe, and these characters and these events exist.” The team’s many Easter eggs come from all over the Star Trek universe, but not all are explained within the show. Let’s boldly go back and trace the best ones throughout the final season, episode by episode — and if we missed any of your favorites, let us know what you spotted in the comments.

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