So Help Me Todd Season Finale Ends With Full-Circle Cliffhanger — Grade It!

So Help Me Todd Season Finale Ending Explained

So Help Me Todd‘s mother-son legal duo exhibited “unprofessional, unethical and frankly ridiculous” behavior in Thursday’s finale. And we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The season ender gave fans much to celebrate, with Todd and Margaret working together (wackily as always!) to win a major cash settlement for a group of deserving victims; the fact that they also revealed an attempted homicide was merely the icing on the cake.

It also ended with a pair of potentially life-altering cliffhangers — one involving the show’s central couple, and another featuring the return of a familiar face — that fans will be processing now until the show’s return, whenever that is. (In case you haven’t heard, there’s a bit of a writers strike happening at the moment. So while Todd has a reserved slot on CBS’ fall schedule, there’s no guarantee that the show will return to production in time to actually make that happen.)

Read on for a breakdown of the biggest developments from Thursday’s So Help Me Todd finale, including one couple’s major step forward and another character’s personal crisis. Once you’ve processed everything, grade the finale and drop a comment with your full review. Plus, what are your hopes for Season 2?

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