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SEAL Team Season 6 Trailer Hints at [Spoiler]'s Death, and Watching It Will Wreck You — Plus, Get Premiere Date

SEAL Team Trailer Is Clay Dead?

The good news for SEAL Team fans? Paramount+ has locked in a premiere date for Season 6.

The bad news for SEAL Team fans? The trailer for Season 6 will cause as much anxiety for you as it clearly does for one main character’s significant other.

When last we tuned into SEAL Team, the titular Bravo members had been ambushed in Mali, and last were seen having RPGs rained down on them — before the season faded to black. Just prior to that Mali operation, Clay had reunited Stateside with wife Stella, and with her welcomed home their newborn son Brian home after his nail-biting NICU stay. After savoring said domestic bliss, Clay en route to Mali informed team leader Jason that he was bowing out of Bravo for a stretch, to focus on his family.

Pondering the possible casualties of that Mali ambush, series lead/exec producer David Boreanaz told TVLine at the time, “It’s like, who knows what’s going to happen now? Who’s going to survive? Who’s not going to survive? Who could be injured? Who could not be injured? What types of injuries? This is really going to change the fabric of them. But strength in numbers, always. It’s a team. One man out, another man in. That’s real life, and that’s what our show is about.”

Now, about those “Who’s not going to survive?”/ “Who could be injured?” questions…. Scroll down for a look at the ominous trailer, and to get a look at Season 6’s premiere date and new poster.

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