TV's Scariest Moments: Rewatch Spine-Chilling Scenes From Buffy, Lost, X-Files, Evil, Stranger Things and More

Scariest TV Scenes Ever

Who’s ready for a little pre-Halloween, small-screen fright fest?

As the culmination of spooky season approaches, we thought it might be fearfully fun to revisit some of TV’s scariest scenes. Because if you don’t wake up in the middle of the night worried that, say, Twin Peaks‘ murderous Bob is hovering in the shadows, are you even living?

In the spirit of the approaching spine-tingling celebration, the TVLine staff has rounded up the scariest TV scenes we can think of. Some, like a Haunting of Hill House jump scare outta nowhere, are relatively recent. Others, like a blessed event on the original V, are a bit older. All have cost us sleep and/or peace of mind over the years — and that’s precisely why we love them.

The list below features an updated 30 of the most spine-tingling moments we’ve encountered on TV in the past several decades. You’ll see that a bunch of your favorite series (Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Evil, Stranger Things 4, The X-Files) are represented, as are some more obscure outings (Courage the Cowardly Dog, anyone?). And, of course, we’ve provided video (where possible) so you can get the shivers all over again.

And if your preferred eerie excerpt isn’t here, we want to know about it! Scroll down to see what made our cut, then hit the comments with the TV scenes that scared you silly.

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