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Roswell, New Mexico EP Reveals the Series Finale Ending We (Thankfully) Didn't Get to See — Grade It!

Roswell New Mexico Series Finale Ending Explained

Roswell, New Mexico wrapped its four-season run on Monday with an explosive battle, a romantic celebration and a hopeful-yet-incomplete ending that’s sure to have fans in their feelings — for better or worse.

Using Clyde’s own hubris against him, Liz tricked the show’s hottest Big Bad yet into injecting himself with her serum, causing him to obliterate upon passing through the portal to Oasis. Score one for the good guys!

This victory was followed by the “Malex” wedding we honestly never thought we’d get to see, complete with a beautiful performance of Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be,” a perfect song choice for a show that’s never been short on ’90s nostalgia.

For the most part, everyone else got the happy endings they deserved. In addition to Michael and Alex swapping vows, Isobel and Kyle settled into their new relationship, Rosa returned to New York, and Dallas and Maria confirmed their chemistry with a passionate turn on the dance floor. Heck, the episode’s final montage revealed that even Allie and Shivani had begun to patch things up.

Unfortunately, Liz and Max didn’t quite reach the conclusion many fans felt they’d been building towards all season. Yes, Max accepted Liz’s proposal (“Hell yes!” to be precise), but the episode ended with Max leaving her behind to save his dying planet.

“I love you, and you are damn well going to marry me when you get back,” Liz told her boyfriend fiancé before watching him travel lightyears away. The… end?

Grade the finale in our poll below, then read on for our Q&A with Roswell, New Mexico showrunner Chris Hollier for the inside story on that ending. When you’re done reading, drop a comment with your full review of Monday’s big send-off.