Outer Range: 9 Burning Questions We Still Have After the Season 1 Finale

Outer Range Burning Qs

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the first season of Outer Range.

Time-traveling through freaky voids in the earth, animals that seem to know more than humans do, kitchen cookware that taunts us… the wild, wild west sure is feeling otherworldly these days.

If you’ve already devoured all eight episodes of Prime Video’s Outer Range, you almost definitely have a few (million) questions rolling around in your brain. We certainly do! Even after an eagle-eyed rewatch, we’re still piecing together the show’s layered symbolism, mythology and more, and trying to guess what answers may be around the corner should the show be renewed for Season 2.

Below, we tackle nine of the biggest questions put forth by the Josh Brolin-led supernatural Western, including the lurking BY9, Autumn and Rebecca’s true motives, the hole and so much more. (And if you have any theories as to the connection between Billy’s song choices — see below — we want to hear ’em!)

Read on for our list of burning questions — and last warning, MAJOR spoilers ahead, so bookmark this page and come back later if you haven’t finished the season. Then, be sure to hit the comments and share your own questions and theories, along with any answers you may have.

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