One Tree Hill on HBO Max: 10 Famous Guest Stars You May Not Remember

“People always leave.” This sentiment, courtesy of One Tree Hill‘s Peyton Sawyer, remains as true today as when she first spoke it in 2005.

It also applies to TV shows, like One Tree Hill, which ended its far-too-brief nine-season run in 2012. But there’s an important second part of Peyton’s quote: “Sometimes, they come back.” And just like that, One Tree Hill is already available to watch on HBO Max!

If you’re settling in to watch this iconic teen drama for the first time since its original run (2003–2012), there’s a good chance you’ve forgotten just how many famous faces popped up in Tree Hill, including a few then-unknown actors who are now household names.

Read on for our breakdown of 10 familiar names you can expect to encounter during watch, then drop a comment with your favorite famous appearances.