NCIS Finale Mysteries: How Does Gibbs Get His Boat Out? Had 'Ellick' Hooked Up Before? And More Burning Qs!

NCIS How Gibbs Boat Basement

Yes, NCIS‘ Season 18 finale revived one tried-and-true mystery from over the years — how does Gibbs get his hand-crafted boats out of his cellar? But the eventful season ender left us with other burning questions as well. So gear up, team, and put on your NCIS-logo thinking caps, and see if you can come up with any answers.

The episode “Rule 91” (as in “When you choose to walk away, don’t look back”) revealed that Special Agent Ellie Bishop (played by now-former cast member Emily Wickersham) had orchestrated a career-damning scandal — by outing some NSA files she years ago leaked — so as to established a “disgraced agent” cover for some sort of top-secret op for which Ziva’s pal Odette had groomed her. After giving Torres a smooch goodbye, she slipped away, never to be seen again (or until, like, a May sweeps episode).

As for Mark Harmon’s Gibbs, he not only finished his latest boat, christened Rule 91, but he (somehow) got it out of the house and into the water, to take him to an area where he might find clues to the murder mystery Marcie had plopped in his lap. But before he reached his destination, the vessel went kablooey. In the aftermath, we saw Gibbs’ seemingly lifeless body amid the fiery wreckage… until he suddenly swam away. Death effectively faked?

Review our burning questions below, and 1) let us know your answers/theories, and 2) chime in with any head scratchers of your own!

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