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Motherland: Fort Salem Boss Expands Upon Series Finale's 'New Beginning,' Defends That One 'Terrible' Death

Motherland Fort Salem Finale

The witches of Motherland: Fort Salem sang their final song on Tuesday, and the world will quite literally never be the same.

TVLine spoke with series creator Eliot Laurence about the finale’s “unapologetically hopeful” ending, but before we share his thoughts, here’s a quick recap:

While Alder traveled the world, frantically searching for the final piece of the First Song, the witches of Fort Salem defended their home against the Camarilla. A familiar scenario? Absolutely, though this battle (appropriately titled “Revolution Part 2”) had a much happier ending than the one that served as last season’s finale (aka “Revolution Part 1”).

That’s not to say that this battle was all sunshine and rainbows. We’re sorry to report that Anacostia Quartermain was killed in the line of duty when she saved everyone from being crushed by a flying truck. She herself did not survive the impact, but don’t worry, we’ll get into that tragedy with Laurence later.

The finale’s climax took place — where else — inside the Mycelium. But rather than Raelle ending existence with a witch bomb, as Tally foresaw, Alder arrived on the scene with a crucial piece of news. The Bellweathers were once stewards, and the missing final piece of the song was in Abigail all along. Cue the music!

As the Mother (via Alder) would later explain, that song changed the word. “Long ago, I merged with six women. I changed their voices, and the way they hear. As my gifts traveled down their lines, descendants of the six came to be known as witches. Now my gift is freely given, thanks to you three. They are awake, all of them, singing one song.”

And before Alder dissolved into the ether, she dropped one more little bombshell on them: “They will call you goddesses. … Make sure you live up to it.”

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