Songs That Always Spark a TV Memory: 'Chasing Cars,' 'At This Moment,' 'Rise,' 'Back in Black,' 'I'll Be' and 21 Others

Memorable Tv Songs

“I can feel it coming in the air tonight…”

“We’ll do it all… everything… on our own….”

“What did you think….”

“Donnn’t stop—”

Some or all of those lyric excerpts got you thinking of a song, which in turn took you back to a memorable TV moment.

You close your eyes and picture Crocket and Tubbs cruising the streets of Miami in a Ferrari Daytona Spyder. You wince again for Alex P. Keaton as his already-complicated romantic dream is dashed. You see Tony Soprano looking up from his menu to… die? Ask Meadow why she’s late?

The songs we are here to talk about are those that are indelibly linked to a TV moment. Yes, they may have been popular long before the specific small screen showcase. And yes, they may have been used in films or other TV shows. But more than anything, the likes of “At This Moment,” Herb Alpert’s “Rise” and a ukulele-accompanied cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” always and forever will make you think about a specific TV episode. In other words, there are much more than “cool needle drops.”

Revisit our picks below, for songs that are unarguably associated with a TV moment, then weigh in with your favorites — or offer up other tunes that trigger specific small-screen memories!

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