Manifest Season 4 Has the 'Perfect Ending,' Says Josh Dallas — Plus, Intel on Zeke's Power and Cal's Return

Not even the warm caress of Ben Stone’s cashmere sweaters can bring comfort to the widower, whose wife Grace was murdered in the Season 3 finale.

Manifest returns for its fourth and final season on Friday, Nov. 4 on Netflix, and things have not been well for our hero. Two years have passed, and Ben is still grieving Grace’s death while also desperately searching for their daughter Eden, who was kidnapped by fellow 828er Angeline. With his son Cal also returning five years older, it’s safe to say that the Stone family patriarch is in way over his head.

“He’s not dealing well,” portrayer Josh Dallas tells TVLine of Ben’s journey in the final season. “He is so shaken profoundly by Grace’s murder and Eden’s kidnapping and Cal becoming older that he can’t quite figure it out. He can’t figure out where to put his energy, so he can only focus it on one thing, and that is finding Eden.”

Ben and Grace had planned for a fresh start after the Death Date, but she won’t be around to see it through. “She was supposed to be by his side. He had missed five years, and they somehow found their way back to one another, and she didn’t make it through, and he is profoundly angry about that. [He] can’t let go of his grief about her,” Dallas adds.

“We’re going to see him questioning everything in the very beginning of Season 4. Not only is he questioning the Callings, but God and the universe and his own goodness versus evilness. He’ll go on a journey to where, hopefully, he can come out the other side and ultimately see and understand his own part to play in this story.”

As Ben grapples with an existential crisis, his sister Michaela will lead the efforts in keeping the Lifeboat afloat so they can somehow save the world. “Ben’s grieving, and Michaela is no stranger to grief. She knows what that looks like, but at the same time, that Death Date is coming up,” Melissa Roxburgh says. “She’s struggling with this balance of ‘I need help’ and ‘How do I be there for him?’ There’s tension, and there’s resolve, and there are all the emotions around what that would look like in real life.”

Read on for more intel on Manifest’s remaining episodes.

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