Legacies Recap: Death Toll Rises in Penultimate Episode, Setting Up Emotional Series Finale

Legacies Recap

Spoiler alert: The following recap breaks down the outcome of Legacies‘ final battle (and it was a doozy).

“Ken is the only one dying today, I promise,” Lizzie told MG atop Thursday’s Legacies. Boy was she wrong.

As it turns out, no less than four major characters — excluding the aforementioned god of handsomeness and perfect hair — lost their lives during the show’s penultimate episode. And in an even more shocking twist, half of those deaths actually stuck!

Hope and Ken’s final face-off took place at the Salvatore School as scheduled, but that’s pretty much where the Super Squad’s master plan fell to pieces. The ending wasn’t entirely unhappy, but thanks to an unexpected challenger, a pack of rabid werewolves and far more Klaus references than we ever imagined, it became considerably more complicated.

Read on for a breakdown of how everyone in the squad fared in Legacies‘ final battle, then drop a comment with your hopes for next week’s (gulp) series finale below.

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