Legacies Recap: Did the Series' Final Battle Just Claim Its First Casualty?

Legacies Recap

The human body can only handle so many emotions at once, and Legacies is doing everything it can to test those limits.

Given that Thursday’s episode was the series’ third-to-last ever (#SaveLegacies!), fans were already teetering somewhere between “I still can’t talk about it” and “irrevocably shattered” before it even began. And by the end? There are no words.

Here’s what went down: Cleo used her prophetic powers to spy on Ken, unaware that she was also creating a link between herself and the Tomorrow Person vengeful god. Even worse, Nightmare on Elm Street rules are in effect, so if you die in the mental bridge… you know the rest.

Ken took advantage of this, luring in Kaleb and offering Cleo an ultimatum — hand over Hope, or watch Kaleb get staked. I genuinely thought Cleo was going to save him, but I was wrong. With a capital W. And to have it all go down during Hope’s speech to her fellow students about the importance of our chosen family? Savage.

While there’s no guarantee that Kaleb will remain dead, especially given some of this week’s other developments, his death was still tough to watch. Here’s hoping for a speedy resurrection!

Read on for this week’s other major moments, including several potential goodbyes, then drop a comment with your thoughts on the antepenultimate episode below. What do you need from the two remaining episodes?

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