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La Brea Boss Unpacks the Season 2 Finale's Back to the Future-y Twist and That Dino-Mite Reveal

La Brea Finale Eve Vanishes Portal

The following contains spoilers from the La Brea Season 2 finale.

NBC’s La Brea, with its double-episode season finale, gift-wrapped for the survivors a way home. Alas, en route to this new portal, Gavin suffered a fatal injury when a cave creature lobed him onto a stalagmite. The fix? Eve and Izzy pulled a Back to the Future and used Dr. Moore’s portal to leap back in time just a bit, to warn Gavin of this danger.

Were they successful? You betcha! Sadly, the survivors decided to spend an awful lot of time getting ready for their trip home, during which time a tied-up James broke free of his restraints and got into a tussle with his son. Gavin wound up having to put down his mad dad, and due to damage caused by stray bullets, the machine started to malfunction. Everyone made a dash for the exit, but Eve wound up trapped behind the heavy, locked door, and as the portal violently pulsed, she blipped away to… somewhere/somewhen.

Elsewhere, Veronica and Lucas learned that they are expecting a baby (if the muscle car is rockin’, don’t come knockin’!)… Riley discovered that her parents had been in the process of divorcing, after which Sam got hit on by a really cute Clearing member… Levi made a deal with Kira to dig up a box from inside the fort, in trade for Ty’s cancer-curing pills, and though Silas finagled his way into the deal (to earn a pardon from Paara), Ty did wind up with his meds… Scott met a young girl named Petra who 1) pretended to only speak German and 2) is the daughter of the woman Scott was to have a job interview with when the L.A. sinkhole opened… and concurrent with Eve’s vanishing, a bazillion auroras appeared in the sky, allowing people and (apparently dinosaurs!) from other times to drop in on 10,000 B.C.


TVLine spoke with series creator and showrunner David Appelbaum about the finale’s big reveals and to get fun teases for Season 3, which starts filming in about a month….

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