Kristen Bell's 10 Best TV Roles, Ranked

kristen bell best tv roles ranked photos veronica mars

Ready to feel old? Kristen Bell has been brightening our TV screens for damn near 20 (!) forking years.

We know! To us, she’ll always be the teenage gumshoe who sent Veronica Mars into orbit in 2004. But in fact, the small-screen big-timer — shockingly never Emmy-nominated — has a long and varied roster of roles to her credit. And in the latest installment of our new occasional feature, we’ve not only reviewed them, we’ve (gasp!) ranked them.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. We can see you scrolling already. Don’t. First, know that we laid down a few ground rules for ourselves. For one of Bell’s numerous TV gigs to be considered, she had to be a series regular, recur heavily or show up in a particularly significant one- or two-off guest spot.

TV movies? Nope. Not in the running. Even though Bell’s “Little Mary Sunshine” number in Showtime’s Reefer Madness in 2005 is the definition of high-larious. As for voiceover parts, we limited ourselves to one. (We do best with boundaries, honestly.)

So… ready to see the 10 characters that wound up making the (incredibly deep) cut? All you have to do is continue scrolling. (And you’re probably doing that right now, anyway.) Then hit the comments to let us know which picks you’re down with, which you’re down on and which stars you want to see get the 10-best treatment next.