Killing Eve: The 18 Best Outfits Villanelle Has Worn So Far, Ranked

Killing Eve Villanelle Best Outfits List Photos

Killing Eve has left a lot of dead bodies in its wake across three seasons, but it’s also treated us to a lot of killer fashion — especially when it comes to effortlessly chic assassin Villanelle.

Played by Emmy winner Jodie Comer, Villanelle is a coldblooded murderer for hire who also happens to have a taste for the finer things in life, and that includes eye-popping fashions crafted by high-end designers from around the world. (She seems to subscribe to the “stand out to blend in” theory.) Villanelle’s daring fashion choices have become one of Killing Eve‘s most consistent pleasures, from flowery dresses to sleek suits — and she seems to look good in all of it, even when committing heinous crimes, doesn’t she?

With Killing Eve kicking off its fourth and final season this Sunday (BBC America, 8/7c), we’re taking a look through Villanelle’s closet and digging out some of our favorite outfits she’s blessed us with so far. (And who knows? Maybe a few from Season 4 will earn a place on this list, too.) So read on to see which of Villanelle’s looks made it all the way to number one, and hit the comments to remind us of any great outfits we may have missed.

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