It's Always Sunny Turns 15: The 15 Very Worst Things the Gang Has Ever Done

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Paddy’s Pub has been open for business for 15 years now… and it’s kind of amazing that its owners aren’t behind bars by now.

Yes, on this very day 15 years ago, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia premiered on FX, and since that fateful day, we’ve enjoyed watching selfish jerks Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Dee and Frank scheme their way through life for our amusement. With 14 seasons now in the books (and more on the way), they’re still going strong — and that means they’ve left quite a trail of abhorrent misdeeds in their wake.

To celebrate Sunny‘s 15th birthday, we here at TVLine are taking a hard look at all 154 episodes and ranking the absolute worst things the Gang has done, from a moral perspective. They’ve certainly given us plenty to work with, so we’re skipping past the run-of-the-mill verbal abuse and petty misdemeanors that figure into every Sunny episode and focusing on the biggies: the truly despicable actions that have caused lasting physical and psychological damage. (We’re also focusing on specific incidents rather than ongoing crimes, like Dennis’ reprehensible treatment of women and the way the Gang piles on poor Rickety Cricket. But those are plenty bad, too.)

So pour yourself a beer, cue up that catchy theme song and join us as we do a deep dive into the Sunny crew’s most terrible moments… so far, anyway. (And if you want to play along at home, all 14 seasons of Sunny are available to stream now on Hulu.)

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