Post Mortems

HIMYF Bosses Unpack Barney's Return, Offer More Intel on His Post-HIMYM Life

Neil Patrick Harris‘ Barney Stinson is back in the midseason finale of Hulu’s How I Met Your Father — and this time, he has an STD. No, not a sexually transmitted disease, but an experimental Shock Therapy Device programmed with over 10,000 problematic words and phrases that blasts him with enough electricity to power Staten Island if he so much as thinks of acting inappropriately toward women.

It comes in handy when the How I Met Your Mother character crosses paths with HIMYF protagonist Sophie, who’s about to embark on a quest to find her absentee dad — a quest not unlike Barney’s search for Jerome. But before he sends her on her way, Barney warns Sophie that finding her dad won’t necessarily solve all her issues. He also says how great it’s been having his dad in his life — especially after the arrival of his daughter Ellie, who was born in HIMYM‘s series finale. He even shows Sophie a few photos of his little girl.

Below, HIMYF creators Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger discuss the significance of Barney’s return — including new details about the Barnacle’s post-HIMYM life that they chose not to disclose in the episode — and how it sets up Sophie’s arc in the second half of Season 2 (premiering Tuesday, May 23).