The Top 20 Girls Characters Ranked From Least to Most Annoying

'Girls' characters

Let’s face it: Being annoying was practically a prerequisite for being a Girls character.

Yet it seems everyone is rewatching Lena Dunham’s hit HBO series. Millennials are using the show as a lens for looking back at our own early twenties. We’re seeing it all play out on-screen thinking, so what if that haircut was bad? Or, why didn’t anyone tell us New York wasn’t all it was cracked up to be? Or, were our boyfriends all that horrible?

The Girls universe is an education in early womanhood, a North Star in formulating opinions about that tumultuous period in young adulthood. At the time it aired, we all thought, “I am so NOT like these girls!” But looking back, I can confirm: We were all those girls at one time or another. You know the kind I mean. We were the selfish Hannah, the narcissistic Marnie, the aloof Jessa and the naive Shoshanna. Some of us could’ve even dabbled as a clingy Laird or an insufferable Mimi-Rose.

So, yes, they’re all still annoying, but they’re our kind of annoying.

In honor of the series’ cultural resurgence, I’ve decided to rank the most notable characters from least to most annoying. And know that if some random character who appeared in only one, or two, or maybe even three episodes is absent from this list, it doesn’t mean they weren’t irritating! It’s actually pretty obnoxious that their existence on the show was so short lived!

So check out the rankings below! Who do you think was the most annoying character on Girls? Let us know in the comments. 

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