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Dynasty Series Finale: Get the Story Behind [Spoiler]'s Overdue Return, What Would've Happened in Season 6

Dynasty Series Finale Ending Explained

Warning: We’re about to spoil the Dynasty series finale. Haven’t watched yet? Make like first Cristal, first Alexis, second Cristal and Steven and get lost.

Carrington Manor closed its gates on Friday with the series finale of The CW’s Dynasty, which welcomed back a beloved character from seasons past for a long-overdue reckoning.

Let’s get right to it: After kidnapping Adam at the end of last week’s episode, interim majordomo Graham (Dan Amboyer) pulled off his mask to reveal that he’s actually — wait for it — Steven! The sanitarium where Adam had been keeping him apparently burned down, and it didn’t take Steven long to figure out that his evil “brother” had been covering up his disappearance for years.

A classic Dynasty fight ensued between them, but instead of killing Adam (which is what he deserved!), Steven told him to disappear and never return. This paved the way for several beautiful reunions between Steven and Sam (that chemistry!), Fallon (those voices!) and eventually the rest of the family. Kirby awkwardly explaining to Amanda that they weren’t related, despite both being Steven’s sisters, was especially delightful.

Meanwhile, Alexis insisted on helping Blake in his rescue efforts, ultimately reuniting with Dex in the middle of a storm; Culhane informed Sam that he’ll be moving to Los Angeles (and leaving the hotel business) after marrying Nina; Amanda received a tempting job offer from her ex, an opportunity too good for even Kirby to deny; Jeff released his top-secret ideas on a public server for all to enjoy; and Fallon and Liam welcomed their baby girl into the world.

Following a six-month time jump to Culhane’s wedding day, we learned that Liam has a new line of children’s books inspired by his daughter, Fallon is rebranding her company as Carrington United, Jeff is setting up ColbyCo’s new headquarters in Nigeria, Dominique and Alexis are both opening stores on Manhattan’s famous Bleecker Street, and Kirby is moving to London to be with Amanda. As for Adam, let’s just say that he’s back to working as a veterinarian, so his future is pretty much just… cat butts.

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