April Fools: TV's 20 Biggest Buffoons From Friends, The Office and More

Dumbest TV Characters List Friends The Office

Nobody likes being pranked, so we here at TVLine are attempting to redefine April Fools’ Day by commemorating some of TV’s dopiest characters ever.

To be clear, this isn’t meant as an insult. We love our dumb TV friends! In fact, most of the characters on this list are kind-hearted, generous and (unintentionally) hilarious. But we have to admit: They do say things that make us want to shake our heads in disbelief. (Dorothy Zbornak knows where we’re coming from here.)

So in celebration of the juvenile holiday, we’re looking back through decades of television history and singling out 20 of the small screen’s biggest nitwits, ranking them from smartest (by default) to dumbest (based on their presumed overall IQs). Those deemed the most empty-headed range from a Florida-based retiree to a high school glee club singer to an animated mouse. We’ve also got a TV newsman and a New York senator among our ranks, proving that sometimes all it takes is people skills to make it in this world.

Read on to count down to our pick for the tube’s all-time dimmest bulb, then hit the comments to remind us of the numbskulls you think we were ignorant to exclude.

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