Drag Race Recap: A Brutal Lip Sync Smackdown Costs [Spoiler] the Crown

Drag Race Recap

“Whoever leaves us tonight, it’s going to hurt,” RuPaul told the final two queens left standing at the end of Friday’s Drag Race, which punished the group for their lackluster Snatch Game performances by forcing all but DeJa Skye to lip sync for their lives.

And Ru wasn’t wrong. Sure, this is beginning to feel like the most drawn-out season in Drag Race herstory, but that only means we’ve had even more time to spend with the eight remaining queens — and we didn’t realize how attached we were to some of them until they were almost taken from us.

Speaking of the season being drawn out, Daya Betty held nothing back in the wake of last week’s non-elimination, essentially telling Jasmine and Jorgeous that they should both be out of the running by now. (You know, for a girl who was given a second chance after being eliminated earlier this season, you’d think she’d be more sympathetic.)

With the judges assembled, and new Pit Crew member Calix (more on him later) with his hand on the hopper, the stage was set for an seven-way clash of queens.

Read on for a breakdown of all six lip sync battles, then drop a comment with your thoughts on the results of Drag Race‘s latest LaLaPaRUza smackdown.

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