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SEAL Team Spoilers Clay Death

How will SEAL Team react to a big loss? Will Criminal Minds: Evolution tie up a loose end? Who is returning to Titans? Read on for answers to those questions plus scoop on many other shows.  (You can and should email any brand-new Qs to InsideLine@tvline.com.)

I have one SEAL Team question: Does the strip mall cop [who shot Clay] get to live, or do the guys dismember him in a most grotesque way? –Randy
I hear ya, but two things to keep in mind heading into this Sunday’s episode, which kicks off the two-part season finale: 1) In Sonny’s mind, at least, there is someone else to blame for Clay even being Stateside –and he will have harsh words for that person. And 2), unless Ben resurfaces, no one right now is quite sure what all went down that night. Bonus scoop: Sunday’s episode ends with one of the series’ best chase/action sequences ever.

Love SEAL Team. Hate the loss of Clay. When is the movie coming out? –Ann
Showrunner Spencer Hudnut told me, “The focus right now is on Season 6 and Season 7” (the latter of which has not been formally ordered), so “I don’t really have an update on the movie.”

Question of the day… WHERE IS DOG IN #TWD? –Jeremy
As The Walking Dead inches ever closer to its series finale, “Dog is at an unspecified location. He’s been taken by some bad soldiers,” EP Angela Kang makes clear. “Maybe this is saying too much, but there were some COVID production reasons why it was harder to use Dog this year as much as we would have liked. There was a moment where Daryl said that the soldiers had taken Dog, which was just adding insult to injury, so he is somewhere amongst the [Commonwealth] soldiers. They were like, “Oh, let’s take him! He can be one of our canines!” But Dog is still out there.”

Will Anirudh Pisharody be back on 9-1-1 at all this season [as probie Ravi], or will his time be devoted to Big Sky? Ravi was such a great character and deserved more screen time. –Whit
You sorta answered your own question yes. Pisharody is busy on ABC’s Big Sky right now, so the earliest he could return to 9-1-1 would be for the springtime half of this season.