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Criminal Minds: Evolution Boss Breaks Down Finale Death and 'Alias Moment' — and Might Reid Return Next Season?

Criminal Minds Finale Recap Death Season 2 Mystery

The following contains spoilers from the season finale of Criminal Minds: Evolution, now streaming on Paramount+.

Paramount+’s already-renewed Criminal Minds: Evolution closed out its first season with a manhunt for Elias Voit, while Special Agent David Rossi labored to escape his subterranean prison.

The bad news? Rossi’s stalwart industriousness — he jerry-rigged a bomb to blast open the bunker door — proved successful, yet also caused a cave-in that filled the entry stairs with earth. In the wake of that devastating setback, he got an encouraging pep talk from the specter of his late wife Krystall (played again by Gail O’Grady).

The other bad news: When the FBI closed in on the vacation home where Voit had whisked away his wife and kids, Deputy Director Bailey went inside the house solo, in part to have a very private discourse with Voit (who had earlier teased his knowledge of some super-secret government thing dubbed “Gold Star”). Alas, Doug wound up getting a bullet in the bean for his troubles.

The good news: The BAU was able to help Voit’s freaked-out family escape the house, after which they closed in on and captured the UnSub once and for all. The team then beseeched Voit’s wife Sydney to go face-to-face with her monster of a mate and find out Rossi’s location. One scene later, Rossi saw daylight bust through the mound of nearby dirt, as Alvez & Co. rode to his rescue.

Voit’s marathon of mayhem-making is not 100-percent over, though, as in the final scene, we saw the prisoner receive a VIP visit from… someone… who clearly is curious about his Gold Star knowledge.

TVLine invited showrunner Erica Messer to reflect on Criminal Minds‘ streaming evolution, shed light on the finale’s big twists, and to also tee up “Season 2” (but really Season 17, amirite?).